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Trowbridge Philharmonic Choir

(formerly Trowbridge Chorus)


Trowbridge Philharmonic Choir (previously known as Trowbridge Philharmonic Choral Society) has been in existence since the early 1900's and currently has a membership of approximately 60 singers.

The choir has a proud history of music making in the area and is a meeting point for singers of all ages and levels of ability. The emphasis is on singing for enjoyment, and the more accomplished members are always willing to support those in need of a little help from their friends.

The predecessor to "the Phil" was formed in 1877 when Henry Millington conducted an amalgamated choir of the then Trowbridge Philharmonic Society and the Trowbridge Musical Union. A keen musician Millington was also organist at the Parish Church of St James for 43 years, as well as being bandmaster of the Rifle Volunteers. A love of music obviously ran in the family as, in 1904, Henry's son Harry Cogswell Millington formed a male voice choir the "Avon Vale Glee Society".

The music scene in Trowbridge then became too complicated to describe, but suffice to say, the "Phil" as we know it today embarked on its first 100 years of music making in 1906. Now into it's second 100 years, the aim is to continue bringing enjoyment to members and audiences alike.

Trowbridge Philharminic Choir has a true "family" feel in more ways than one, with current membership comprising combinations of husband and wife, mother and daughter, and grandmother and granddaughter.